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Mobile App Development

In the years from the past Azeem Mohammad Glasgow has offered many software design and mobile app development services to the clients and has produced numerous successful projects. We have created significant amount of mobile apps for various operating systems like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone as well as for wearable technologies such as Apple Watch and also Android Wear. Our corporation is in touch with that the mobile app development depends on the understanding and execution of key functionality. Our many years of experience and rapid improvement in our skills are the reason we are one of the most highly regarded app development companies in the industry. Azeem Mohammad Glasgow is the best company to cross-platform apps.

Custom Enterprise Software

Azeem Mohammad Glasgow is known for its quality custom made software solutions which meets the needs of the clients. We use different technologies that include Node.js, .NET, MongoDB, as well as others to engineer backend software languages that helps mobile apps with accurate solutions. •  Amazon Web Services shows the most powerful as well as useful sets of web and data hosting in the production. • The client who demands big data, Azeem Mohammad uses MongoDB services in order to quickly and securely store as well as to retrieve information. • The IoT continues to grow at an astounding pace. • The clients who need robust software that can monitor as well as control a vast array of systems, for this Internet of things are used.

Mobile Game Development

Mobile games has now become most popular segment in app development market and is also the most popular and profitable segment of mobile app market. Mobile game development apps always remain on top of the most downloaded app charts on mobile marketplaces. It has the power to own millions of active users. Azeem Mohammad Glasgow familiarity with game development and his commitment to approach the cover of technology has made our corporation one of the best mobile game development company in the market.

Animation Services

Azeem Mohammad Glasgow cooperation has brought a level of mastery and classical artistic sensibility both for 2D and 3D animation projects. Our skilled professionals and 3D animation studio artists provide huge diversity of animation services to our clients as per their demands. These services include animated titles, renders, and movies. Our artist team is best in creating medical, educational, engineering and promotional materials. We always try to do close communication between our animations studios staff our clients ensures that the final product is full comprehension of the project’s original vision and demand.

VR Development Service

Interactive VR games include first-person shooters, third-person platformers, as well as strategy titles. Azeem Mohammad Glasgow’s artists and animators are professional enough to bring exciting virtual reality games to life in front of your customers’ eyes. VR has no limit to entertain and its demand has rapidly grown over a short span of time. Azeem Mohammad is among the best VR app developers companies. Our reputation in the industry has grown exponentially just because of our versatility and commitment to implement cutting edge technology into clients’ projects which is completely customized on demand of the client. Our developers, as well as VR designers, work directly with the client to craft attractive and interactive experiences and get them to run easily on the VR hardware platform.

Digital Media Marketing

Digital media marketing is an essential tool to grow one’s business. In such case choosing the best services in digital media marketing and building apps that work on that very level, is attractive to watch and is useful in long term need of the user. Azeem Mohammad Glasgow digital and marketing team understands all the industry terms and policies. It will help you deal with the rising requirement of service providers, clients, as well as partners.

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